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Tips for Designing a Functional Two-Person Shower

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One of the big luxuries of a custom-built home is the opportunity to design the shower to suit your needs. In this case, a busy family may appreciate a shower that's designed to accommodate two showering people. That said, designing a two-person shower goes beyond expanding the space. Find out important considerations for designing a functional two-person shower.

Shower Dimensions

The first consideration is space. The National Kitchen and Bath Association recommends a minimum of 42 inches by 42 inches for a two-person shower. This space will accommodate a shower designed with a sealed glass enclosure. The exact dimensions do depend on the size of the people, with taller bathers needing more space.

Two-person showers commonly feature a doorless entry. In that case, the shower should be at least 60 inches deep to prevent water from splashing into the rest of the bathroom.

Frameless Glass Enclosure

With a two-person shower, you have as many enclosure options as with a standard walk-in shower. However, as mentioned above, two-person showers often feature a doorless entry. This style of entry results in more of an open-plan layout, which keeps the oversized shower from dominating the bathroom.

With doorless showers, the common enclosure option is frameless glass. Essentially, contractors erect glass walls made out of heavy-duty, tempered glass. They use a system of almost-invisible brackets to attach the glass to the walls and each other. They simply leave the door open rather than attach a swinging glass door.

You can choose how to have the end of the wall finished. Naturally, the glass edge will be beveled for safety. However, some homeowners choose to leave the corner of the wall square while others choose a rounded edge. It's even possible to have the inner or top edge of the shower finished with decorative cuts.

Showerhead and Spray Options

A major benefit of designing a two-person shower is that each person gets to choose their preferred showerhead and spray options.

With showerheads, you have two main options - standard and rain. Standard showerheads target the upper part of the body and are primarily designed for rinsing - although you can also choose multi-function sprays that massage and sooth. Rain showerheads drop a gentle cascade of water that targets the whole body. The primary function is rinsing and soothing.

A third showerhead option doesn't get wall- or top-mounted. The handheld showerhead is essentially a removable standard showerhead on a slidebar. You can get the same single- and multi-function options.

With custom-designed showers, you can also add body sprays. These sprays are aligned to massage the shoulders, back, or feet. You can choose these individually, or you can opt for a spa panel. In that case, the showerhead and body spray options are predetermined.

Shower Bench Design

Most walk-in showers feature a bench to facilitate grooming tasks. One option is to choose removable seats, such as those made out of water-proofed wood. However, you can also choose built-in benches.

You have two options with built-in benches. One option is to build a single bench in the center of the wall between the two showerhead systems. Naturally, you'll want to ensure that the bench can accommodate both people at once since that's the point of a two-person shower. However, the benefits are symmetry and saving some space.

The other option is to build two benches. With this design, you typically see two smaller benches tucked into the corners. Often times, this placement puts them more within the trajectory of the shower spray. While you do want to keep symmetry in mind, an advantage of this style is sizing. You can choose bench depth to accommodate the individuals and have them installed at different heights.

A two-person shower is ideal for couples and families with busy lifestyles. The experts at The Glass Professionals, Inc. can help you design a unique two-person shower for your bathroom.

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