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The Aesthetics of a Contemporary Style Bathroom

Bathroom in Luxury Home
When homeowners remodel or build a new bathroom, they often prefer a contemporary aesthetic. Contemporary style isn't the same as, say, shabby chic. Contemporary simply means trends from the moment, while a style like shabby chic has definite guidelines. That said, contemporary style does feature some commonalities that you can use when designing your bathroom.
Open Floor Plan
One of the goals of contemporary design is to create a feeling of airiness. Therefore, designers typically don't want a lot of blockage in the visual flow of the room. This ideal results in open floor plans, which works well in the bathroom anyway. Naturally, the bathroom itself will be private. However, designers often omit doors whenever possible, including at the entryway.
This aesthetic can also translate to the shower. In ultra-modern bathrooms, you sometimes see the shower enclosure omitted. However, this approach is difficult because of the water spray. When the aim is to keep the floorplan open, designers often include at least a partial wall to keep the spray inside.
Glass Shower Enclosure
To that end, a more common approach to the contemporary-style shower is to enclose it in glass. With this approach, you maintain the open feel, even if the glass is keeping the spray inside the stall.
The ultimate example of this method is the frameless glass enclosure, which appears to stand alone. Contractors use heavy-duty glass and hidden fasteners to enclose the shower. Visually, the enclosure takes up no space.
That said, framed glass enclosures can work within the contemporary aesthetic as well. Granted, the metal framework cuts into the openness of the floorplan somewhat.
Another principle in contemporary design is to showcase geometric figures. To that end, choose a shower frame that emphasizes the shape of the enclosure.
Glass Door for a Shower-Tub Combination
Typically, contemporary bathrooms feature a walk-in shower and either a separate bathtub or no tub at all. If you have a shower and tub combination, though, you'll want to replace the shower curtain with a glass door. As with the shower enclosure, the glass door offers more of the open-plan feel. Likewise, the door will present a sleek profile, which lends to the contemporary ideal.
Standalone Bathtub
If you decide to include a bathtub as part of your contemporary bathroom, consider the standalone tub. Because contemporary design favors minimalism and an emphasis on geometry, look for a tub that fits that profile. For example, you could choose a bathtub with a clear oval shape. Some of these tubs even resemble eggs. Look for a minimalist filler, though, to keep the focus on the bathtub.
Natural Materials
Contemporary and modern style aren't exactly the same thing. One of the ways they deviate is that contemporary style incorporates natural materials, such as wood and stone, while modern style tends to favor only manufactured materials.
Adding wood to your bathroom may be a little challenging because of the moisture factor. However, if you need a privacy wall, say for your toilet, consider a waterproofed hardwood wall. Natural stone, such as granite, is ideal for vanity tops.
Ample Glass and Mirrors
With your natural materials, you should still incorporate ample glass and mirrors to promote the contemporary aesthetic. For instance, consider expanding your vanity mirror — it can even encompass half the wall. Likewise, consider customized glass shelving or even glass sinks. The balance of materials should favor manufactured goods with natural as an addition.
Repeating Shapes
Along with the emphasis on geometry, contemporary design also calls for repeating shapes. So, if you chose a framed glass shower enclosure, you should try to repeat that rectangle elsewhere in the bathroom, say in the oversized vanity mirror. While the size can be different, the proportions should be the same. The repetition gives your bathroom a cohesive feel.
Apply contemporary design principles to make your bathroom feel sophisticated. The Glass Professionals, Inc. can help you with the glass and mirrors you need for your contemporary bathroom.

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