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Designing a Functional but Attractive Guest Shower

Guest Shower
The rationales for using glass doors and shower enclosures in your master bathroom are well-documented. Glass provides an upscale, airy appeal. However, sometimes homeowners end the use of glass there, choosing a shower-and-tub combination with a shower curtain for the guest bathroom. Is this the best method for finishing that ancillary bathroom? Perhaps it is not.

Shower-and-Tub Combination

The shower-and-tub combination was a revolution in bathroom design in the 20th century. Prior to that, homes featured a separate, usually freestanding bath tub. Eventually manufacturers started offering the combo as a one-piece kit, which greatly enhanced its cost-effectiveness.

The shower-and-tub combination is still a valid option for your guest bathroom. However, it bears pondering if you need a bathtub at all in that room. How often do you expect your guests to take a long bath? The likelihood is that guests are far more likely to take a traditional shower and save their soaking time for when they're at home.

Glass Shower Door

Perhaps you've decided to keep the shower-and-tub combo even if the bathtub sees little use. After all, manufacturers make attractive units in different colors and styles. However, your next concern is whether a shower curtain is the right way to control the spray of water.

A sliding glass door for your stall might be a better option. If you incorporate a decorative frame, you have several design options. However, a glass door is a less personalized selection than a shower curtain, which often features patterning. You want your guest bathroom to feel welcoming but relatively neutral so your guests feel comfortable in the space.

Glass Shower Enclosure

In that vein, perhaps you've decided to replace the shower-and-tub combo with a walk-in shower. Not only does a walk-in shower provide more utility, but it frees up some space. You could use the extra space for increased storage — something that's always at a premium in the bathroom. A glass shower enclosure provides that same neutral façade as the glass shower door.

You'll need to choose between framed and frameless glass. A frameless glass enclosure may seem a little pricey for a guest bathroom. However, frameless glass is a little easier to clean because there's no metal to trap water and soap scum. That said, a framed enclosure provides a convenient, sturdy method of enclosing your walk-in shower.

Curbless Shower

The standard walk-in shower typically features a shower pan with a lip. The shower pan controls the flow of water and funnels it down the drain.

Think about the type of guests you typically host. If any of them are elderly or differently-abled, you should consider a curbless shower. With this design, the contractors slope the floor so it directs the water to a drain typically located at the back of the shower stall. The advantage here is that there's no lip to navigate while getting into and out of the shower.

Showerhead Choices

The showerhead is an area where you can cut costs. You don't need a shower panel tower in the guest bathroom, such as you might have in your master bathroom. In fact, a standard wall-mount showerhead should suffice. You might upgrade to a showerhead with different flow options or even a water-saving showerhead. A hand-held showerhead is another useful option for your guests.

As noted above, the overall décor of your guest bathroom should be welcoming but relatively neutral — envision the bathroom at your favorite hotel as inspiration. You want consistency in the details, though. So, as you choose your showerhead, make sure it features the same finish as all the other fixtures in the bathroom. Such attention to detail ensures yours is an elegant guest bathroom.

Create a welcoming but highly functional bathroom for your guests by focusing on the shower. Contact The Glass Professionals, Inc., for the glass you'll use in your shower design.
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